Goal Setting

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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A person may have many different goals and many different types of goals at the same time.  For example, a person may have a fitness goal, a career goal, and a family/relationship goal at the same time.

Types of goals:

  • Immediate or Short-term A desire you have now, next month, before the year ends.
  • Intermediate A goal that you want to achieve in a period of one to three years.
  • Long-range or Long-term A goal that you could achieve in several years (three or more).
  • Ultimate A goal that may never be completed.  For example, to become the complete person that you wish to be.

Small, more detail-oriented goals can also be set and ultimately achieved and new ones subsequently set.  An example of this would be that a person who is working on developing upper body strength might start with modified push-ups from the knees and have a short-term goal of doing ten such push-ups, and intermediate goal of doing one regular push-up, a long-range goal of doing ten regular push-ups, and an ultimate goal of doing one pull-up.

Precise, detail-oriented goals such as the one above may allow the ultimate goal to be met and then reset at a new, higher standard.

This is a sample of a goal setting worksheet.  A separate worksheet should be filled out for each goal that is set.  The goal worksheet should be posted in a prominent place and read aloud at least twice daily.



Type of Goal


I want to

Write your goal here.  Be as specific as possible.


I want to fulfill this goal by

Write the date by which this goal is to be fulfilled.


To fulfill my goal, I will

This is the work plan for your goal.  What exactly will you do so that you meet your goal?  What are the actions that will allow you to meet your goal?


I can visualize myself

Write down what you will see when you have accomplished your goal.  What will it look like?  How will it feel?


I believe and expect

Affirm that you will meet your goal.  State what your goal is at the end of the statement.  This is a positive affirmation to go with the visualization of the attainment of your goal.


You can print out this sheet using your browser's Print command and fill it out manually, or you can fill in the blanks first.  Once you fill it out, click on the Printable Version button to display a page that is easier to print through your browser's Print command.

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