New Client Introduction

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Welcome to the Fantasy Fit Family! 

If you have signed up for Group Personal Fitness Training please fill out the questionnaire. To fill out and send your questionnaire, click on the Questionnaire button. The complete and accurate completion of your questionnaire, as well as the receipt of your signed release, is necessary before you may participate in any group fitness sessions. If you cannot send your questionnaire through the computer, or send your signed release via fax or postal mail, you may bring both to your first training session.

If you are training online: Since our Personalized Membership programs are designed individually for each client, we send your personalized program via e-mail, fax, or however you would like to communicate.  You will work with one trainer whose goals are personal service and your success.

We have a detailed questionnaire for Personalized Membership members to fill out in order to assess goals, desires, health, background, equipment and time available, etc.  To fill out and send your questionnaire, click on the Questionnaire button.  The accurate completion of your questionnaire is necessary to receive personalized programs and services from Fantasy Fit. Fantasy Fit must also receive your signed release (last page of questionnaire) before you can receive your personalized program. Instructions for sending your signed release are on the last page of the questionnaire.

Our Standard members sign up for our services to use our ready-made programs, view our videos, and work with their trainer to choose their own programs using the vast resources we have available within our Training Room. Standard members can use their trainer as a question and answer resource or personal motivator. It is not necessary to fill out a questionnaire if you are a Standard member.

Standard members need to fill out and send the signed release page located at the end of the questionnaire, even though the questionnaire does not need to be filled out. Standard Members can just click the Next Page button on each questionnaire page until the signed release page is reached. Instructions for sending your signed release are on the last page of the questionnaire. Your trainer cannot answer your questions or help you until your signed release is received.

Our No Spotter Members, who are using our online member resources and are not working one on one with a trainer, do not need to fill out a questionnaire or send a signed release.

Please let us know what Fantasy Fit can do or add to our Training Room to make your online training experience successful. If you find the membership you have choosen is not the right one for you and that you need more personalized attention or support, you can update to a more personalized membership at any time. To do this, just jot a line to your trainer or to  Thank you for allowing Fantasy Fit help you with your health and fitness goals.  We look forward to working with you.

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