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Carole's Success Story

"I was able to get into some clothes this week that I couldn't get into 5 weeks ago when I started my workouts so I know things are going well right now."
  • Wendy P., Siler City, NC, currently on her third year of membership with Fantasy Fit.

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Carole is a retired federal government nurse. Until the seventh grade, the other kids called Carole, "Carole the Barrel." When she was 14, Carole crash dieted and lost 30 pounds in three weeks. Carole performs a dumbbell curl.This was not, and is not, the way to a healthy, fit body! Although Carole remained relatively active by square and round dancing several times a week, she was sporadic with her fitness workouts and was exercising ineffectively. Carole also had an evening dessert habit in which she indulged on a daily basis. At one point in her life, Carole gained 20 pounds while engaged to a man who loved going out to dinner and had a very fast metabolism!

Since Carole began working out with Fantasy Fit in March, 1997, she has lost 32 pounds and completely changed the shape of her body. She has even managed to tame her dessert habit! Carole lifts weights three Carole doing a lat pulldown. times a week using mainly dumbbells and a few machines. She does a 30 minute cardiovascular workout (usually recumbent bike or treadmill) at her target heart rate and then stretches before each weight training workout. Carole supplements her fitness regime with her dancing and with biking, hiking, and fitness walking. Carole bought a new bike last year so she could enjoy riding outdoors like she did as a child.

Carole says she is excited about the results of her training. She says that she is dedicated and makes her workouts a scheduled priority in her life. She recently treated herself to a new heart rate monitor so she will always be able to easily monitor her heart rate when she does her cardio training.