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Crystal's Success Story

"I can never thank Angela enough for sticking with me."
  • Crystal T., Laurel, MD

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Crystal's success story is unique. Crystal started training with Fantasy Fit after she had gastric-bypass surgery. Here, in her own words, is Crystal's Fantasy Fit success story.

I was heavy ever since I was ten years old. I started the roller coaster diets from the age of sixteen. I was at the end of my rope at twenty-nine. With chronic hip pain and nerve damage in feet from carrying 289 pounds, image issues, and a fear of giving up my chosen career, I finally decided to have the Life-Changing Gastric-Bypass surgery.

Crystal before starting to lose weight.Crystal has a new lifestyle.

The surgery was the tool to help me lose the weight, but I also knew that exercise would also be an essential tool for my success, in order to lose weight, gain energy, and develop muscle tone. In fact, my surgeon, Dr. Afram, really advocates exercise as a component to our recovery. I have never been a lazy person, but the physical demands of my chosen career (training) have made me a little pro-active for building higher energy and endurance levels.

That's where Fantasy Fit comes in.I read about Fantasy Fit in the Mode magazine review that called it "Mode's pick of the best virtual trainers." I was looking for a trainer who would develop a program around me, in my post-operation state, not just give me a cookie cutter approach. Not only did I email Angela, but I also called. She wanted to talk to my doctor (and did speak to him) to see what my limitations were. She did not bother me about the "whys" of my surgery, instead, she developed a program that I could be sucessful with. She even developed training plans when I was considering doing the Three-Day Breast Cancer Walk and the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. (Note: I have completed the last 7 miles of the Marine Corps Marathon while supporting one of the runners.)

I can never thank Angela enough for sticking with me. Can you believe that it has been almost two years and 150 pounds later? I am heathlier than I have ever been in my life, however, I am not perfect. Angela has been with me through the fits and starts, especially when I manage big projects, encouraging me to find time to exercise.

At the end 2001, I find myself starting over with Angela. I just had some excess skin removed, along with a hernia. The one thing that I know for sure is that Angela will busy punching out my new exercise program.

Note to the reader: My case is a little special. I had weight-loss surgery ( before I contacted Angela at Fantasy Fit. In this case, my success story is about how Fantasy Fit improved my life. I did not include much about the surgery, but it important to let the reader know that I had it. Fantasy Fit helps all types of people. That is what is so great about the company.