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Fitness FAQs and Video Demos

"You do have a great attitude in your emails and an excellent web site to make sure I am exercising with the correct form."
  • R.J. C., Ponca City, OK

"Thank you for the addition of my FAQ - your reply fully answered my question - and so promptly!!"

  • Lisa L., certified personal trainer, Murphys, CA

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Fantasy Fit wants you be as well informed about your health and exercise options as possible. To help you with your fitness goals, Fantasy Fit has put together Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and digital video demonstrations.

The FAQs page provides answers to hundreds of the most asked questions on health, nutrition, exercise, and other fitness-related topics. Just select the Area of Interest and Topic for the information that interests you. The Videos page contains sample exercise demonstrations that you can download and view on your own computer.

For those with slower systems or Internet connections, or those who simply do not want to wait to download our high quality videos, we offer our clients an optional CD Rom of all of our video demonstrations. You can learn more about this CD Rom in the Our Services section.

These FAQs and Video Demos are only a small sample of the many other reference materials to which a Fantasy Fit Website Client has access. Visit the Our Services area to find out more information on how to become a Fantasy Fit Website Client.