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What does THR stand for?

THR stands for “target heart rate.” You may also hear it called “exercise heart rate.” The word “range” is often used with THR since it is very difficult to pinpoint an exercise heart rate down to a beat or two. Your THR is the number of times your heart should beat per minute while you are doing your cardiovascular workout. Your individual THR is calculated using a formula, your age, resting heart rate, fitness level, and goals. It is very specific. A goal target heart rate for a nationally ranked 25 year-old male 10,000 meter runner will be very different than that of a 40 year-old male who is an ex-smoker and is just starting an exercise program. Target heart rate guides that are found posted on many pieces of equipment are just general guidelines and care should be taken when using such guides. It is recommended that you have your target heart rate calculated by an educated fitness professional or by using your own resting heart rate and an automatic THR calculator. Our site has a THR calculator that you can use to caculate your own THR. Click on Fitness Training and Target Heart Rate for instructions and our THR calculator.