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I play basketball. I'm tall and get a lot of rebounds but get the ball knocked out of my hands. How can improve on this?

You need to improve your overall strength so that you can hang onto the ball and not be knocked around or lose your balance. A good program will include weight training exercises for all the major muscle groups. Our video demos can show you how to perform these exercises correctly. Our videos are located in the Training Room inside the Clients Only section of our site. See our other basketball and football questions for general program guidelines.

To improve rebounding skill, work on repetitive rebounding that includes tossing the ball off the board and rim and grabbing the ball strongly. Do this over and over until you are extremely fatigued. Add time to this drill each time you do it.

To prevent smaller players from taking and knocking the ball from you, make sure you keep the ball up high over your head on every rebound. Practice your drills without ever bringing the ball down low.