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Can I improve my sprinting speed?

Although your genetic make up determines much of your natural speed, many things can be done to improve on your speed. It is important to understand that just because you work as hard as a world champion and even follow a world class training program, it does not mean that you will have the natural ability to be as fast as an Olympian. Work hard at improving your own speed with realistic expectations based on your abilities. Some people have more of what is called "fast twitch" muscle fiber and some people have more "slow twitch" muscle fiber.

To improve your speed work on your strength and power with resistance training, plyometrics, and actual speed and form drills. Power is strength times speed and is important for sprinting which requires sustained power. See specific questions for information on resistance training and plyometrics. See our video demos for demonstrations and explanations on proper training techniques. Our video demos are located inside the Clients Only section of our site.