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"... hit 175 pounds on the scale this week - 10 weeks into my program for a loss of 15 pounds - 2 weeks ahead of schedule. All my clothes fit like they used to - especially around the waist line."
  • Paul R., Lady Lake, FL

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Flexibility is an important component of fitness that is often neglected. Flexibility is not something just for dancers, gymnasts, and martial arts athletes to work on. Flexibility is an important part of fitness for everyone regardless of age, gender, goals, or experience.

Poor flexibility of the low back and hamstrings (back of upper leg) has been shown to contribute to low back pain. This is why flexibility testing is included in the President's Challenge Physical Fitness Awards Program. These tests, administered twice yearly to school age children, are health-related fitness tests. Since poor flexibility is a contributor to possible future low back pain, it is important to recognize and correct flexibility problems as soon as possible.

It is never too late to start improving overall flexibility. Good flexibility will help alleviate stiffness, prevent injuries, and maintain good range of motion in the joints. It is important to focus on the following flexibility tips when working on this crucial fitness component: