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Kathy's Success Story

Kathy has lost 31 pounds and kept it off!

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Kathy, a Northrop Grumman section manager, is an ongoing Fantasy Fit, Inc. Success Story. She started her three days per week program in November 1998. Although Kathy was not sedentary, she had never done any type of resistance training until she began training with Fantasy Fit. She was very surprised at the changes and results she saw in such a short period of time.

Kathy performs a concentration curl.Before training with Fantasy Fit, Kathy did cardio workouts such as Jazzercise, aerobic dance, and step aerobics on and off for seventeen years. She recently played two seasons in a co-ed softball league as an outfielder and a catcher.

Since the beginning of November, Kathy has lost thirty-one pounds and kept it off! Everyone thinks she has lost much more than thirty-one pounds because she has changed the look and shape of her body so dramatically. She is continuing to lose body fat and tighten and tone her body.

Kathy has changed her eating habits not by giving up foods she enjoys, but by eating her favorites in moderation. She no longer feels the urge to buy a candy bar at the check out counter every time she goes to the store. She achieved her goal of maintaining her weight loss throughout the holiday season.

Kathy says that it has been very easy to stay committed because the results of her efforts are so readily visible. Kathy's success story is just beginning. Check back frequently to see how she's doing!