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Rita's Success Story

"Your advice is invaluable. Thank you so very much."
  • Mary Ann A., Ballston Spa, NY

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Rita does her cardio workout.Rita, age 74, measures her greatest success in the range of motion in her arms, especially her right arm. Rita has had problems with the range in her right arm since she had major surgery in 1988. Rita did not even have the ability to put her hair up. No one told Rita that she could improve her range of motion and she just assumed she was destined to live with this problem forever. She thought this was just how her arm was supposed to be. Rita is glad she was wrong.

Since training with Fantasy Fit (Feb., 1997), Rita has greatly improved her range of motion in her arms and continues to work on her range exercises daily. She feels fabulous and her fitness has improved tremendously. Rita also had a bone mass test done inRita working her triceps. September, 1998, which revealed that her bones are comparable to those of a young adult (age 20-39). Rita is 5' 11" tall and was always the tallest kid in the class. She has lovely posture due in large part to the words of a childhood teacher who told her to always stand tall and proud. Rita still remembers that advice to this day.

Rita is dedicated to her health and fitness and enjoys the changes and improvements that she sees. She is so dedicated, that when she broke her toe in the lockerroom, she only allowed her walking cast to restrict her lower body. She continued to lift weights with her upper body and swim in the pool. Leave it to an active person like Rita to do every activity imaginable without a scratch and then, break her toe in the lockerroom!

Her twice a week resistance training includes dumbbells, machines, and exercises, like wall push ups, that use her body as resistance. Rita's variety of cardiovascular workouts include using the treadmill, recumbent bike, swimming, and walking outdoors with her husband, Ray. Rita uses a heart rate monitor to make sure she stays in her target heart rate range during all of her cardio workouts and always stretches when her muscles are warm. Rita is a great example of living an active, healthy fitness lifestyle.