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Each high quality Fantasy Fit video is a large file (approximately 1.4 megabytes in size) and, depending on your Internet connection speed, may take a while to download. This is not a problem with the Fantasy Fit videos or with this web site.

While the file is downloading, you may continue to browse the other areas of the Fantasy Fit web site. It will play when it is finished loading.

Once you have saved a video on your computer's disk drive, you may view it anytime, even when you are not connected to the Internet; you only have to download it one time from our site.

For information on how to save the video and view it again from your own computer without delay, read the manual that came with your computer or look in your computer's HELP section.

For those with slower systems or Internet connections, or those who simply do not want to wait to download our high quality videos, we offer our clients an optional CD Rom of all of our video demonstrations. You can learn more about this CD Rom in the Our Services section.

Although exercises should appear smooth and slow, some systems may run videos too fast, too slow, or choppy. Be sure to listen to the verbal instructions for each video.

It should be noted that our CEO, Angela, has injured hands that cause her adapted grip to appear unusual. Grip all weights normally, regardless of the appearance of her grip.

All video demonstrations are performed by actual Fantasy Fit, Inc. employees and clients.