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Why Use Our Exercise Equipment Buyer's Guide?

"...the routines were a hit - both women praised the easy-to-do cardio and lifting moves. Were you buff in a month? A resounding 'yes.' One tester says, 'My whole body got tighter pretty quickly.' And both loved the bargain price."
  • Self magazine, September 2000, after two anonymous testers tried Fantasy Fit for one month

Get Fantastically Fit with Fantasy Fit!
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Fantasy Fit, Inc. was founded in 1996 and went to online personal training in 1998, which allowed us to reach national and worldwide visitors and clients. In the ten years since we began online fitness training, Fantasy Fit and its personal trainers have been nationally recognized for our high success rate. Click on Fantasy Fit in the News to read what the media has to say about online personal fitness training with us and Testimonials to read what our clients say.

Starting in 2008, Fantasy Fit has changed its online focus from that of nationally recognized personal fitness training to helping people choose which exercise equipment, diet, or fitness program is right for them with our Buyer's Guides. Years of working with a huge variety of equipment, programs, and people has allowed us to become experts in what works and what doesn't work, including what fitness equipment will help you meet your goals. We have always shared our expertise with our clients. Now our goal is to share our expertise with everyone.

Angela, our CEO At Fantasy Fit, our goal is to help you avoid the pitfalls many people make when purchasing exercise equipment. We help guide you through the process of choosing the equipment that is right for you and help you decide what equipment or program will help you most effectively reach your goals. Click here to read our first Buyer's Guide for Bowflex ®.

Fantasy Fit, Incorporated is a company staffed with dedicated professionals. Our full-time staff members have master's degrees and years of experience in health, fitness, and coaching. We insist on employing only the most highly educated and experienced people who are on the cutting edge of their field. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best information and service to our clients. Our experts do not just lend our credentials to this site; we work with you to give you our unbiased opinion about every program, diet, or exercise equipment we review. Click here to meet our staff.

At Fantasy Fit, we understand that not everyone has access to a gym or a properly educated personal health and fitness trainer. We also understand that not everyone has the same motivational level, goals, needs, or experience.

It doesn't matter what your age, gender, or experience is; it doesn't matter if you belong to a large gym, have a few weights at home, or have no equipment at all. We will help you make informed fitness purchases based on everything you want and need. We even work with you to find equipment that will allow you to work with exercises you know you like or work around exercises you know you don't like. Quite simply put, if you don't enjoy something, you won't use it. If you won't use it, you shouldn't purchase it. You also shouldn't purchase any equipment that doesn't work effectively or doesn't live up to its claims.

Our highly educated trainers will help you to make informed fitness purchases whether you are a beginner or a competitive athlete.

This is why what we do is called Personal Health and Fitness Training and Consultation. We have clients ranging from elementary school to 93 years young and from rehabilitation patients to competitive athletes.

Check out our informative site, including our comprehensive Buyer's Guide. For our site visitors, we offer sections for senior fitness, athletes, children and youth, body mass index and target heart rate calculators, and a host of information from our expert staff, including our FAQ and Video section, which has sample exercise demonstration videos and over 1,000 frequently asked health and fitness question entries in our database, searchable by area of interest and topic. For general fitness training information, see our sections on resistance training, cardiovascular training, and flexibility.

The Clients Only area of our site contains a huge searchable database of health and fitness questions, ready-made fitness programs (for those who do not want a personalized program), over 200 high quality demonstration videos, our nutritional program, goal setting, unlimited access to our expert trainers, and much more.

Enjoy our site and please note that all the photos on this site are of actual clients and employees of Fantasy Fit. We hope Fantasy Fit can help you meet your personal health and fitness goals. Let us help you make informed fitness decisions.